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Chroma 52


The Chroma™ 52 utilizes the WireWorld Series 52 heaver 24AWG flat construction cable. It offers significantly lower loss and higher precision than the conventional round HDMI cable design, which has been used in computer cables for decades.

The Chroma™ 52 features Oxygen-Free Copper conductors and moulded connectors. The Chroma™ 52 is guaranteed to carry a 1440p (exceeds 1080p) signal up to 9m and 1080i/720p signal up to 12m.

This model is offered with a variety of configuration to meet almost every conceivable need. what_hi_fi.jpg

“Pictures are well poised and nicely stable, with a pleasing colour balance, and bags of detail in even the murkiest scenes.”
Chroma 5, HDMI 1.0m, What Hi-Fi? SV Nov ’05

“Flexible cable that delivers pictures as good as any HDMI cable at this price.”
Chroma 52, HDMI/DVI 7.0m, What Hi-Fi? SV Nov ‘07 

Chroma™ 52 HDMI Guaranteed perform index: 



Conductor type: Oxygen Free Copper, 24AWG
Insulation: Polyethylene foam
Contacts: Gold/silver/Cu alloy
Avaiable lengths: 0.3m, 0.5m, 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m, 7m, 9m & 12m 
Available terminations:  HDMI-HDMI, HDMI-DVI & DVI-DVI
Connectors: Molded plastic

0.3m & 0.5m only available in HDMI-HDMI. Not available in DVI-DVI 12m variant.
HDMI-DVI & DVI-DVI only available in selected lengths.

WireWorld’s Quality Assurance
WireWorld is leading the way in verifying the quality of all its HDMI products. WireWorld’s range of HDMI cables are subjected to a very exact quality control and testing procedures. Each and every cable goes through a full electrical test and visual inspection. Only the samples that meet our strict criteria are shipped to customers worldwide.

”Eye Pattern” test
Eye pattern test is performed to determine the capability of the cable to carry the specified (as laid down by the HDMI consortium) digital video signal over the length of any given HDMI cable.

Whilst other brands choose to highlight favorable and selective results that only provide partial account of compliance, WireWorld tests the entire range of HDMI cables that it manufactures.

View Chroma 52 “Eye Pattern” test
Test results; Click here to view the results in PDF format

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