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The Leaders in HDMI® Cable Technology since 2004

In January 2004, WireWorld introduced the Starlight® 5, the world's first upgrade HDMI® cable. WireWorld was able to achieve this milestone due to its unique position of being an innovative technology company with foresight.

Just one year later, the Silver Starlight® 52 introduced WireWorld’s proprietary 16 Signal Conductors Symmetricon™ flat cable design, for which WireWorld received the International CES Innovation award in 2006 awarded by Consumer Electronic Association (CEA).

In September 2005, years ahead of competitors, WireWorld became the first brand of HDMI® cables labelled according to length with the official speed ratings specified by The HDMI Licensing, LLC. A full seven years of technological leadership in the HDMI® cable field has enabled WireWorld to produce a comprehensive range of cables that provide superior imaging and sound quality at every price level.

2010 saw the introduction of a new HDMI® cable design, the 24 Signal Conductors DNA Helix™ (patent pending).

WireWorld cables are Better by Design

Transmission speed is a dominant factor in HDMI® cable performance. The transmission speed of a cable is directly related to its length and the higher speed of very short cables produces distinctly cleaner sound and sharper images. WireWorld’s DNA Helix™ and Symmetricon™ (formerly Symmetric Balanced Pair™) HDMI® cables provide faster transmission than conventional HDMI® cable designs, thus enabling standard lengths of WireWorld cables to produce lifelike sound and imaging that other cables can only match if they are made substantially shorter. Even the longest lengths of WireWorld Series 6 HDMI® cables exceed the 10.2Gbps transmission speed requirement of the High Speed HDMI® cable and the shorter lengths exceed that speed by very wide margins.

 Cross section

WireWorld proprietary DNA Helix™ cable design utilizes twenty four signal conductors instead of twelve conductors found in conventional HDMI® cables. The patent pending DNA Helix™ design offer exceptional transmission speed (up to 30Gbps) and the lowest jitter.

WireWorld award winning Symmetricon™ proprietary cable design utilizes sixteen signal conductors instead of twelve conductors found in conventional HDMI® cables. This unique and original design features parallel conductors with two drain wires per shield pair, which reduces attenuation and provides greater impedance uniformity.

Performance.... and more

In addition to their superior speed, imaging and sound quality, WireWorld cables are more flexible and easier to conceal than round cables. They are all rated UL-CL3/FT4 for in-wall installations. WireWorld HDMI® cables also feature superior connectors with contacts that have a thick layer of silver under their gold plating, which reduces contact loss by more than half. While the material and design upgrades of the higher models provide real sonic and visual improvements, all of the cables provide the enhanced definition, depth and contrast that have created WireWorld’s reputation as the leader in HDMI® cable technology.


WireWorld Flat cable vs Conventional round cable

Flat vs Round

All round HDMI® cables are essentially the same design that has been used in computer cables for decades. This conventional design introduces signal loss, crosstalk and timing errors that limit a cable’s ability to keep up with the extreme demands of digital video signals. The WireWorld flat structure eliminates the timing errors caused by the conductor length differentials in round cables. The cable also features unique composite shields, which are more conductive, yet more compact than the shields in round HDMI® cables.


WireWorld Flat cables vs Copycat Flat designs
Just because an HDMI® cable is 'Flat' doesn't make it a unique and award-winning WireWorld original. Our flat HDMI® cables are unique and proprietary, because the 'copycat' flat HDMI® cables from other manufacturers simply have twisted conductors with a single drain wire per shielded pair (really they are just like round HDMI® cables in a Flat jacket material.)  Original WireWorld HDMI® cables feature Symmetricon™ or DNA Helix™ design, which reduces attenuation and provides greater impedance uniformity. So now you know!


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Because we are continually striving to improve our products, all specifications are subject to change without notice.

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