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hdmi_left_copy_copy.jpgHDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) can deliver crystal clear digital video and audio through a single cable. However, the ultimate image quality of HDMI connections is often clouded by the data losses caused by inadequate cable performance. The extreme data rates of latest HDMI version 1.3b make the choice of cables even more critical than in the past.
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In January 2004, WireWorld began selling Starlight® 5, the first HDMI cable on the market. Just one year later, the Silver Starlight® 52 introduced the world to WireWorld’s award-winning flat HDMI cable design. Since then, Silver Starlight® 52 has become the worldwide reference standard for high-end HDMI cable performance - often copied, but never equalled.
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“WireWorld’s work has certainly paid off, because the picture quality via these cables is truly excellent and noticeable more detailed and realistic, especially with skin tones.”
Avreview, June ‘07

WireWorld’s line of flat HDMI cables includes five different levels of price and performance. All of these cables utilize the same unique design with material improvements that enable each upgrade level to provide even higher levels of image and sound quality.

WireWorld HDMI cables are available from 0.3m (12") length.


Cable selection guide
Flat HDMI cables  Description  Conductor
 Contacts  Available
Sliver Starlight® 52
Silver Starlight
 The Silver Starlight® 52 is a
 reference standard cable
 designed to give you the best
 possible performance ....
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 HDMI-HDMI  12m >10.2Gbs
 15m >4.4Gbs
 20m >2.2Gbs 
Starlight® 52
 The Starlight® 52 is a high-end
 HDMI cable which is designed
 to provide superior sound and
 image quality ....
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 Gold/silver  HDMI-HDMI
 12m >10.2Gbs
 15m >4.4Gbs
 20m >2.2Gbs 
Ultraviolet™ 52
 The Ultraviolet™ 52 is a high
 performance cable which offers
 exceptional value for money.
 It utilises the patented ....
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 Silver plated
 Gold/silver  HDMI-HDMI
 12m >10.2Gbs
 15m >2.2Gbs 
Chroma™ 52
 The Chroma™ 52 utilizes the
 WireWorld Series 52 heavier
 24AWG flat construction cable.
 It offers significantly ....
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 Gold/silver  HDMI-HDMI
  9m >10.2Gbs
 12m >2.2Gbs

Island™ 52Island

 The latest and the most recent
 addition to the range, the
 Island™ 52 HDMI benefits from
 the unique ....
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 24k gold  HDMI-HDMI  5m >10.2Gbs
   *Selected lengths only. All models are UL-CL3/CSA-FT4 rated for in-wall installation


WireWorld provides an easy way for the consumer to evaluate our range of HDMI/DVI models with a new set of simple colour coded labels that indicate the measured, honest & guaranteed ability of the cable performance.

WireWorld was the first manufacturer to label its HDMI cables with official bandwiidth/speed ratings specified by The HDMI Group.


 WireWorld's Guaranteed performance indicator
 Cable performance
 indicator label
 Rate (Gbs)
 Resolution  Colour
Indicator 10.2GBS  v1.3b Cat2  10.2Gbps  1440p  16-48 Bit  120Hz  340MHz
Indicator 4.4GBS  v1.2 Cat2  4.4Gbps  1080p  8 Bit  60Hz  148MHz
Indicator 2.2GBS  v1.3b Cat1  2.2Gbps  1080i/720p  8 Bit  60Hz  74MHz


The CES Innovation awards

The CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards program recognizes the most innovative consumer electronics (CE) products in the industry's hottest product categories. Innovations have become a hallmark for the best designed products in consumer technology.

WireWorld is the only cable company to have received a CES award for HDMI cable design.

“Silver Starlight 52 HDMI and DVI cables utilize an innovative flat design to broaden installation options and improve performance by extending the limit of passive 1080p transmission to 50 feet.”
CES 2006

Visit CES website to discover more.




WireWorld’s extensive experience in Digital Audio cables was incorporated to complete the design of its
HDMI technology. Consumers can now enjoy the superior uncompressed soundtrack from the various
audio formats like; dts-HD Master Audio, Dolby TrueHD, SACD & DVD-Audio.


HDMI accessories: HDMI Repeaters, adaptors & HDMI over CAT5


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